Abhimanyu (Jai Hind 2) Telugu Movie Review

    filmibeat  Abhimanyu is a movie that will entertain you and leave you pondering about the mess our education system is in. Truly a movie for the mass and the class. Definitely a must watch….Full Review by Bharath Bhat
    iluvcinema  Jai Hind 2 deserves a royal salute… Must watch film…
Arjun as Abhimanyu plays a common man who is specially trained in martial arts, Karate master for children and he is a hardware techie part time employee. He fights against education system as it has become a costly thing and management of colleges/schools is running the schools/colleges like a business…..Full Review by Pravinya S
    thehindu  In some parallel dimension we aren’t aware of, there must be theatre chains screening Mysskinin Jai Hind 2 and Mani Ratnamin Jai Hind 2 and Selvaraghavanin Jai Hind 2, and, to avoid confusion, star and director Arjun appends his name to his movie: it’s called Arjunin Jai Hind 2. Not that there’s much doubt……Full Review by Baradwaj Rangan
    indiaglitz  Straight from the heart of a genuinely concerned Indian.It is the journey of five people, linked by one man, who fights for children’s right to education. Little Parvathi from a very poor family background gets an admission into one of the most affluent schools in the city. But unable to pay the exorbitant fees, the man of the house sells one of his kidneys…….Full Review by Baradwaj Rangan