Mardaani movie review

    IndiaTV   It’s needless to say that human trafficking is one the most heinous deeds prevalent all over and steps to curb this infectious virus are giving no appropriate results. Obviously the topic is hot and portraying it on a bigger screen is a bigger responsibility for any filmmaker…Full Review by Suparno
    Filmibeat   We have seen Rani Mukerji as a hardcore journalist in No One Killed Jessica and now the actress is back with double the energy and aggression as a cop in Mardaani…Full Review
    Masala   India’s top actress got married to its biggest film producer. What happened next was a film called Mardaani aka ‘This Hopefully Erases All Aiyya Memories’. Not sure how flattering it must have been for Rani Mukerji to know that her producer husband has decided to cast her in the titular role of this film. “Baby, you look so beautiful, so ladylike, I will cast you in a film called, er, Mardaani…Full Review by lokesh Dharmani
    Gulfnews  It’s not in the same league as ‘Kahaani’ or ‘English Vinglish’, but it still deserves applause for attempting to portray a movie minus Bollywood’s trademark frills…Full Review by Sneha May Francis